Automatic code recognition

Settings > Automatic code recognition ON

This is a function that makes it easy to register barcodes or QR codes in the device. Turn on the feature and try screen capture on the screen with a barcode or QR code. ONEWallet detects the code and guides you to register. It is detected when downloading images containing barcodes or QR codes as well as captures.


Settings > Geofencing ON

You can specify the location for each card. Based on this set location, a notification when approaching will guide you to quickly open the card.

Run the app quickly

There are many situations where you need to quickly turn on the app and show the code. ONEWallet provides a way to quickly turn on the app by utilizing various OS functions.

Display a card shortcut in the notification area

Settings > Notifications ON

The registered code is continuously displayed in the Android notification area. This allows you to quickly display the code you want. The display order is the same as the display order on Home, up to 10 depending on the device.

Add tiles to quick setting

Add the ONEWallet icon in the upper setting tile edit.

Quick execution by long pressing the home button

At the bottom of the discovery tab > long press the home button to quickly launch Settings > Device Helper app > ONEWallet app, and run ONEWallet anytime, anywhere by long pressing the home button.

Support App Widget

Add an app widget to scan right away without opening the app.