Card types are supported, do you support payment?

Card type is supported, but payment through NFC is not currently supported. The transportation card function through NFC is not yet supported, and is being developed to support it as soon as possible.

I want to import the wallet I used on iOS.

Supports importing wallets used in iOS. In the wallet app of iOS, import the PKPASS file to Android by exporting from the More menu of a specific card. And at the bottom of the ONEWallet discovery tab, select the PKPASS file by importing from outside.

When registering a card, there is no card you want. How do I add it?

Even if you don't have a card you want to register on the card selection screen, you can create a card yourself through the "Other Card" button. You can design and register a card easily by searching for a logo image or uploading an image and adding a card color.